The Village
Mediterranean Restaurant &
7128 Beracasa Way
Boca Raton, FL 33433
Tel: (561) 465-2979
Hummus $5.99
A blend of chick peas, sesame seeds, lemon juice
Add beef $7.99
Moutabal (Baba Ganoush) $5.99
Grilled eggplant, peeled and blended with sesame puree and lemon juice
Falafel $5.99
Ground chick peas with parsley, cilantro, onions and garlic, served with tahini sauce
Stuffed Grape Leaves $6.99
Grape leaves stuffed with rice, parsley, onion and tomato, vegetarian, 6 pieces     
Green Beans (Loubia)    $5.99

Green beans simmered in tomato sauce, onions, olive oil and seasoning

Bamia $5.99

Sauteed okra with tomato sauce, cilantro, garlic, olive oil and seasoning

Foul Medamas  $5.99

A blend of fava beans, garlic, lemon juice, tomato sauce and olive oil

Chicken Wings   $6.99

Marinated in garlic and lemon sauce, charcoal grilled, 5 pieces

Fried Kibbeh $6.99

Meat and crushed wheat shell, stuffed with pine nuts, onions and minced meat, 3 pieces

Raw Kibbeh $7.99

Select cut of meat, finely ground, mixed with crushed wheat seasoning

Labneh $5.99

Condensed homemade yogurt

Feta Cheese Platter $6.99

Feta cheese, Salonika peppers, black and green olives

Shanklish $6.99

Feta cheese marinated with oregano, red hot peppers and spices served with chopped onions, tomatoes and olive oil

Fried Haloum Cheese Platter $6.99

Slices of white farmer cheese sautéed in butter

Mjaddarah (vegetarian delight) $5.99

Rice and lentils cooked together, topped with sautéed onions served with our homemade yogurt

Pies $5.99

Our own homemade dough, stuffed with your choice of spinach, meat, and cheese, 3 pieces

Sausages $6.99

Lebanese (Nakanek) or Armenian (Soujouk)

Appetizer Combo $29.99

Create your own combo by choosing 5 different appetizers or salads (not including raw kibbeh)

Tabouleh $6.99

Chopped parsley, onions, tomatoes, and crushed wheat, blended with lemon juice and olive oil

Fatoush Salad    $5.99

Lettuce, cucumber, green pepper, tomato, onions and pieces of toasted bread with our special house dressing

Greek Salad $7.99

Tossed salad of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, Salonika pepper, feta cheese and black Greek olives served with our special house dressing

Add Chicken Kabab $10.99
Add Lamb or Beef Kabab $10.99
Jerusalem Salad $7.99

Chopped cucumber, green pepper, tomato and parsley with a lemon tahini dressing

Yogurt & Cucumber Salad


Chopped cucumber and mint blended with our homemade yogurt

Cesar Salad $7.99
Add Chicken $8.99
Falafel Salad $7.99


Lentil Soup $3.99


Plain Homemade Yogurt $3.99
Romaine Lettuce $3.99
Mediterranean Rice $3.99
Steamed Vegetables $3.99
Olives $3.99
Mixed Pickles $3.99
Grilled Tomatoes, Onions or Peppers $3.99
Couscous (Moroccan Grain) $3.99
Mjaddarah (Rice and Lentil Pilaf) $3.99
French Fries $2.99
Basmati Rice $4.99


Coffee $1.99
Turkish Coffee $2.99
Espresso $2.99
Cappuccino $3.99
Assorted Herb Tea (Hot or Iced) $2.99
Fresh Homemade Lemonade $2.99
Perrier Water $2.99
Fountain Drinks $1.59
Bottled Water $1.59
Yogurt Drink $2.99
Juices $2.99


All pies are prepared fresh daily using our special homemade dough!

Spinach Pie $1.99
Cheese Pie $1.99
Spinach & Cheese Pie $1.99
Meat Pie With Onion $1.99
Chicken Pie        $1.99
Zaatar Pie (open) $1.99
Safiha with Meat and Vegetables (open) $2.99
Cheese Pie, Manakish (open) $2.99