The Village
Restaurant &
7128 Beracasa Way
Boca Raton, FL 33433
Tel: (561) 465-2979


All entrees are served with house salad, Mediterranean rice, and your choice of fresh vegetable or marinated onions with our spices. For low carb diets, substitute rice for extra salad or extra steamed vegetables.

Shish Kabab $17.99

Three skewers of marinated seasoned cuts of young lamb or beef

Kafta Kabab $14.99

Three skewers of ground lamb and beef with onion, parsley and mixed spices

Chicken Kabab (Tawook) $12.99

Three skewers of marinated chicken breast

Shrimp Kabab $19.99

Succulent jumbo shrimp, marinated with exotic Mediterranean seasoning grilled to perfection on a skewer

The Village Mixed Grill $19.99

Three skewers includes chicken tawook, kafta kabab, shish kabab (beef or lamb) and shawarma (chicken or beef)

Lamb Chops $24.99

Marinated with our own mixed spices and olive oil, 3 pieces double bone

Mediterranean Grilled Chicken $13.99

Boneless chicken breast, marinated in lemon and garlic sauce

Mediterranean Grilled Fish $14.99

Fish fillet of the day, seasoned with olive, cumin and black pepper



Lemon Chicken $14.99

Slices of chicken breast with artichoke hearts, sautéed with lemon and garlic

Mediterranean Fish Fillet $14.99

Steamed fish of the day topped with our special sauce of cilantro, garlic, lemon and pine nuts or with tahini hot sauce

Shrimp Hunter Style $17.99

Shrimp sautéed in butter and lemon, topped with our special sauce, a mixture of tomatoes, onions, green pepper and seasoning

Gyro Platter $14.99

Layers of select meat marinated in our special sauce and spices, served with Tzatziki sauce

Beef Shawarma   $14.99

Marinated chopped beef roasted and thinly sliced, served with tahini sauce

Chicken Shawarma 14.99

Marinated chopped chicken roasted and thinly sliced, served with tahini sauce

Baked Mousaka (Vegetarian) $14.99

Layers of thinly sliced eggplant, sautéed with olive oil and topped with a tomato sauce

The Village Mixed Veggie $15.99

4 falafel, 4 grape leaves, hummus, baba ganoush, and tabouleh